Saturday, June 21, 2008

Skopelos on the Bay -- for Lunch

Skopelos on the Bay in Pensacola, FloridaFor my birthday Jack said he would take me out to eat anywhere I wanted.

I picked lunch at Skopelos on the Bay. It's on a cliff high above Pensacola's Escambia Bay. They are open for lunch on Fridays only. So that's your one chance each week to enjoy the view -- in daylight. For dinner they are open Tuesday through Saturday, and there's a mid-day Sunday brunch.

The restaurant has been around Pensacola since 1959 and is run by Gus and Nancy Silivos.

Skopelos on the Bay has fresh local seafood, great steaks and many dishes with decidedly Mediterranean flavors -- and, of course, a wonderful Greek Salad. I had a Greek-style fried flounder and Jack had their crab cakes. Both were very good. The service is attentive but relaxed. There are many rooms and an outdoor patio so even when there are lots of customers you don't feel like you are in a crowd.

Across the street is their chrome and formica Scenic 90 Cafe with its art deco decor and menus that promise, "Excellent Food & Snappy Service." And they have both.

For weddings and other special events there's Nancy's Haute Affairs Catering.

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