Friday, December 22, 2006

December 2006, Golden Princess Cruise -- Day 7

Friday, at sea

We are "at sea" all day and it's the final full day of the cruise. We went through some weather last night and there was a bit of jiggle now and then. Nothing serious. We didn't need to get out our sea sick patches.

Making the Soupe du JourThis morning at 10:30 there was a cooking demonstration in the Princess Theater. The MC was, of course, our Cruise Director, David Cole. Explaining the cookery were Executive Chef Paolo Merio and the Head Maitre d' Mario Propato.

After the cooking show was over we all got a backstage tour of the galley. It was filled with close to 200 cooks and helpers rushing around getting ready to serve several thousand beautifully prepared lunches.

Signing the cookbooks -- $28 -- $28 -- $28...At the end of the tour there was a chance to buy Princess Cruises' Cookbook with recipes by the fleet's chefs. It is signed by Chef Paolo and costs $28.

By the way, you pay for nothing on the ship with cash money or even your credit cards. You pay by using your Cruise Card. The running total gets taken off your credit card at the end of the trip. It is also your room key. We had the Purser punch a hole in our cards so we could each attach our card to a lanyard. It is so easy to keep track of that way. Especially at the pool.

Rubber duckyI don't think I mentioned before that Dave, our excellent Cruise Director, was Cruise Director on the Caribbean Princess when we were on it last May. He was sent over here to the Golden Princess just for the three New Orleans cruises. He is very funny and we enjoyed talking with him a couple times. Apparently he collects rubber ducks. And on his TV show every morning (announcing the day's events and activities) there are a dozen or more ducks on his desk.

Tonight we have to pack our large suitcases and put them in the hall, by 9:00 P.M. The rest of our bags we will carry ourselves.

We have had a wonderful time. So many things to see and do. Sadly there are several bars on board we still haven't visited. Next cruise, maybe.

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