Sunday, January 07, 2007

Wal*Mart, Love it and/or Hate It

I dislike so much about the way Wal-Mart manages their corporation and treats its people -- its "associates." But still I shop there, several times a week.

Why? First, it's the closest full service supermarket. Yes, there's a Winn-Dixie a quarter of a mile closer but it is a mess. And it rarely has everything on my shopping list.

Second, the other supermarkets are generally, if not always, much more expensive. For instance, the coffee we like (Community Brand New Orleans Style Coffee and Chicory) is at least $6.89 a package when you can find it elsewhere. Wal-Mart always has it in stock and the price is $4.79.

Wal*Mart Family CookbookThird, every now and then Wal-Mart does something nice. Like this cookbook with recipes from their associates with big colorful photos of each recipe. It seems all the contributors are from the South. Maybe they printed regional editions? I will check on that possibility. I would love one from the New England states. And the Southwest.

As you can see the price of the book is low, less than six cents per recipe, and they are all down-home wonderful eats. Below is a sample from the table of contents.

From the Table of Contents

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