Thursday, August 30, 2007

A question for Jae

Very sneaky are you. How did you figure out how to place those cool quotation mark images in the block quotes on Walk This World with Me?

I liked the effect so much I just had to steal it. Well I didn't steal the image but I did steal some of the code. What other BloggerSecrets do you need to let us know about?


Jae said...

Hey Ken! So.... you just use the "insert blockquote" function on Blogger (it's the button that looks like a quotation mark on the post page).

I'm not clever, I just like pressing buttons! :D

Kenyo said...

Jae, oh! of course, Blogger thinks of everything.

I never remember to look for those shortcut buttons and just plunge right into the code.

And yes, you are clever. You found the button.