Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yet Another Post About Menu Planning

Yum!Yes, the question: "What would you like for dinner?" keeps coming back. I found there are many on the web asking, and answering, that very question. Here are a few of them.

The site Whats for offers a new meal suggestion every day. What's on their menu for today? They give you a week's worth so you can pick and choose -- and a shopping list, too.'s What's For Dinner? site, from Portland, Maine, has lots of great recipes, fabulous food photos and a wonderful section on leftovers.

Paul Bausch's Dinner Dialog Generator is also worth a try and it's very funny.

Yum, yummy!Or maybe you will get some cooking inspiration from the more than three dozen take-out entrées offered by Weiland's Gourmet Market of Columbus, Ohio. They call them "EZ Foods." "A broad variety of chef-prepared, ready-to-serve items." How I wish we had a Weiland's in this town. Check out their site for other menus of "EZ" items, too -- soups, salads, breads and specials.

And of course if you haven't done it for a couple days you can always get away with something from your neighborhood take-out.

(It looks like Betty C. didn't see the need for a food stylist.)


Jae said...

I will check this site out. Jim and I never plan ahead (for shame!) and always end up spending at least an hour a day asking "What shall we have for dinner?". This might just answer the question for us!

Kenyo said...

We still ask each other "the question" almost every afternoon. But with the dinner log at least we know how long it's been since we had one of our favorite meals -- Kung Pao Chicken seems to appear a lot. As do burgers.