Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What do you want to eat tonight? Part 3

Abbott's Lobster in the Rough, Noank, ConnecticutI have kept a log of our evening meals since January 27, 2007. The intention was to help with the daily questions, "What do you want for dinner tonight?" and "What haven't we had lately?"

After a while I thought the list had become way too long so I broke it up into six-month segments. For the log of what we ate during July through December, 2007, click here. And to see what we ate from January through June, 2007, click here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008 -- leftover beef kabobs with veggies, corn bread
Wednesday, January 2 -- chicken curry, green peas, fruit salad
Thursday, January 3 -- steaks at Pensacola's Coach & Four Steakhouse
Friday, January 4 -- crab cakes, Emeril's Cajun-style Remoulade Sauce, twice-baked mini Red Bliss Potatoes

Saturday, January 5 -- takeout from #1 Chinese
Sunday, January 6 -- crab bisque, peel 'n' eat shrimp, Remoulade Sauce
Monday, January 7 -- dinner at La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant
Tuesday, January 8 -- leftover Chinese takeout
Wednesday, January 9 -- Salisbury Steak, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn
Thursday, January 10 -- breakfast was at Pensacola's Coffee Cup; dinner was Beef Stroganoff, Noodles Mary Westbrook and green peas
Friday, January 11 -- Look's Atlantic Premium Brand Lobster Chowder and BLT sandwiches (Nueske's Bacon of course)

Saturday, January 12 -- chicken fried steak, country gravy, mashed potatoes, speckled butter beans with ham
Sunday, January 13 -- Joan's birthday dinner at Bill & Maria's, home-smoked fish, grilled steaks, baked potatoes, broccoli salad, birthday cake and ice cream
Monday, January 14 -- Chicken a la King, toast points
Tuesday, January 15 -- burgers with beefy baked beans
Wednesday, January 16 -- lunch at Felix's Fish Camp, Spanish Fort/Mobile, Alabama; dinner at Memphis Q, Beau Rivage Casino, Biloxi, Mississippi
Thursday, January 17-- burgers
Friday, January 18 -- spaghetti, meat sauce

Saturday, January 19 -- steak with mashed potatoes
Sunday, January 20 -- KFC fried chicken, rice, gravy, coleslaw, biscuits
Monday, January 21 -- Chinese Pie
Tuesday, January 22 -- dinner at Pensacola's Siam Thai Restaurant
Wednesday, January 23 -- taco salad
Thursday, January 24 -- Stouffer's Chipped Beef, toast points, creamed spinach, Key Lime pie
Friday, January 25 -- Kung Pao Chicken, steamed rice, green beans

Saturday, January 26 -- smoked baby back ribs, crab bisque, crab cakes, leftover creamed spinach
Sunday, January 27 -- broccoli beef (Hawaiian kine), steamed rice, fried rice, leftover Kung Pao Chicken
Monday, January 28 -- burgers, Noodles Alfredo
Tuesday, January 29 -- Maria's birthday, chili and birthday cake at Maria & Bill's
Wednesday, January 30 -- Chicken Dijon on rice, green peas, corn pones
Thursday, January 31 -- lunch at Piccadilly; snacks for supper
Friday, February 1, 2008 -- Beef Stroganoff, Noodles Mary Westbrook and green beans

Saturday, February 2 -- Chicken Satay, spicy peanut sauce, rice, grilled sweet peppers
Sunday, February 3 -- Chicken Fried Steak, mashed potatoes, country gravy, skillet corn
Monday, February 4 -- deep fried shrimp, potato salad, coleslaw
Tuesday, February 5 --Cooking Class at Distinctive Kitchens -- Mardi Gras Tasting Menu
Wednesday, February 6 -- spaghetti, meat sauce, garlic bread
Thursday, February 7 -- Salisbury Steak, gravy, steamed rice, black eyed peas with smoked ham
Friday, February 8 -- Panko & buttermilk battered chicken nuggets, Alfredo shells, green peas

Saturday, February 9 -- bacon burgers
Sunday, February 10 -- beef kababs with grilled veggies, steamed rice
Monday, February 11 -- Road food in Ocala
Tuesday, February 12 -- Road food in Sarasota
Wednesday, February 13 -- Road food in Lake City
Thursday, February 14 -- Road food, Madison's Warehouse in Marianna
Friday, February 15 -- Kung Pao Chicken, steamed rice, green beans with ham

Saturday, February 16 -- steak tips in wine sauce, mashed potatoes, green peas
Sunday, February 17 -- leftover Kung Pao Chicken, fried rice, steamed rice, egg rolls
Monday, February 18 -- burgers
Tuesday, February 19 -- crab cakes, Noodles Alfredo
Wednesday, February 20 -- Cici's Pizza takeout, salad
Thursday, February 21 -- fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cole slaw
Friday, February 22 -- meatloaf, Noodles Mary Westbrook, sautéed bell peppers

Saturday, February 23 -- chicken curry, green peas, steamed rice
Sunday, February 24 -- Joan & Billy's guests for lunch at Nobusai Japanese Restaurant; soup and sandwiches for supper
Monday, February 25 -- steak, Sauce Béarnaise, red potatoes
Tuesday, February 26 -- spaghetti with meat sauce
Wednesday, February 27 -- lunch at Grannie Cantrell's Buffet
Thursday, February 28 -- hamburger steaks, asparagus, béarnaise sauce, potato salad
Friday, February 29 -- baked cod, shallot & Chardonnay beurre blanc, steamed rice, carrots

Saturday, March 1, 2008 -- pot roast, Noodles Mary Westbrook, sautéed mushrooms
Sunday, March 2 -- Kung Pao Chicken, steamed rice, broccoli
Monday, March 3 -- shrimp cocktail, Salmon Wiggle, toast points
Tuesday, March 4 -- stuffed won tons, leftover Kung Pao Chicken, steamed rice, green beans
Wednesday, March 5 -- crab cocktail, crab cakes, pasta shells in Alfredo Sauce
Thursday, March 6 -- bacon burgers, Secret Sauce, potato salad, coleslaw
Friday, March 7 -- dinner at Romano's Macaroni Grill

Saturday, March 8 -- French Dipped Sandwiches, Tater Tots
Sunday, March 9 -- Santa Fe-style Tilapia, green peas, cream corn
Monday, March 10 -- taco salad
Tuesday, March 11 -- Cowboy Steaks at Coach'n'Four
Wednesday, March 12 -- hot pot roast sandwiches, succotash
Thursday, March 13 -- Sesame-Ginger salmon, mashed potatoes, green bean Almondine
Friday, March 14 -- charcoal grilled beef and veggie kababs, steamed rice

Saturday, March 15 -- Chinese takeout from Number One Chinese
Sunday, March 16 -- Chicken Satay, spicy peanut sauce, steamed rice
Monday, March 17 -- burgers and Nassau Grits
Tuesday, March 18 -- lunch at a new restaurant, Miller's Pensacola Ale House; supper was lobster chowder and toast
Wednesday, March 19 -- Chinese Pie
Thursday, March 20 -- leftover Chinese takeout
Friday, March 21 -- KFC, mashed potatoes, coleslaw

Saturday, March 22 -- Grilled steak with fries
Sunday, March 23 -- Company for dinner, Shrimp & Pasta Alfredo, salads, asparagus with Sauce Béarnaise and pies from Mrs. D.
Monday, March 24 -- Chicken salad and chopped salad
Tuesday, March 25 -- Lunch at Emeril's Gulf Coast Fish House at Island View Casino Resort in Gulfport, Mississippi; dinner at the Grand Biloxi Buffet
Wednesday, March 26 -- Hamburger Stroganoff, baked potato, green peas
Thursday, March 27 -- Quiche Lorraine, salad
Friday, March 28 -- Kung Pao Chicken, steamed rice, green beans

Saturday, March 29 -- Chicken Fried Steak, mashed potatoes, corn
Sunday, March 30 -- leftover Kung Pao Chicken, steamed rice, Crab Rangoons
Monday, March 31 -- Panko fried chicken strips, Tater Tots, black-eyed peas
Tuesday, April 1, 2008 -- Dinner at Hacienda Mexican Restaurant
Wednesday, April 2 -- Shrimp Newburg, toast points, green beans with bacon
Thursday, April 3 -- Charcoal grilled NY strip steaks, asparagus, Sauce Béarnaise
Friday, April 4 -- burgers, salad, secret sauce

Saturday, April 5 -- Bifteck Sauté Béarnaise, creamed English peas, Noodles Mary Westbrook
Sunday, April, 6 -- pizza and salad from Cici's Pizza takeout
Monday, April 7 -- baby back ribs, coleslaw, Cajun mustard potato salad
Tuesday, April 8 -- Beef Stroganoff, noodles, carrots, strawberry shortcake
Wednesday, April 9 -- Lunch at Jerry's Cajun Cafe; snacks for supper
Thursday, April 10 -- James Beard's Deviled Crab, mashed potatoes, corn
Friday, April 11 -- tomato soup, frozen entrees: Stouffer's Chicken Pot Pie/Michael Angelo's Eggplant Parmesan

Saturday, April 12 -- French Dipped Roast Beef Sandwiches, Nassau Grits
Sunday, April 13 -- taco salad
Monday, April 14 -- spaghetti with meat sauce, stuffed celery
Tuesday, March 15 -- dinner at Varona's Cuban Restaurant
Wednesday, April 16 -- Kung Pao Chicken, green beans, steamed rice
Thursday, April 17 -- Chinese Pepper Steak, leftover Kung Pao Chicken, steamed rice
Friday, April 18 -- lunch at Granny Cantrell's; tuna sandwiches for supper

Saturday, April 19 -- grilled bacon-wrapped filet steak, red wine reduction, baked potato, green beans with bacon
Sunday, April 20 -- chicken salad, garden salad, pineapple, hot biscuits
Monday, April 21 -- burgers, fresh corn-on-the-cob (1st time this season)
Tuesday, April 22 -- lunch at Jesse's in Magnolia Springs; sandwiches for supper
Wednesday, April 23 -- fried chicken, fresh peas and new potatoes
Thursday, April 24 -- black bean soup, BBQ ribs, coleslaw, potato salad
Friday, April 25 -- olive oil-poached cod filets, steamed asparagus, rice pilaf, Hollandaise sauce

Saturday, April 26 -- beef and veggie kababs, steamed rice
Sunday, April 27 -- Cognac crab bisque, crab cakes, creamed spinach
Monday, April 28 -- Lunch at Hacienda Mexican Restaurant; for supper, chocolate shakes from DQ
Tuesday, April 29 -- Chinese Pie, Key Lime Pie (Florida's official state pie)
Wednesday, April 30 -- taco salad
Thursday, May 1, 2008 -- Birthday dinner for Ross at Bill & Maria's
Friday, May 2 -- French Dipped roast beef sandwiches

Saturday, May 3 -- Kung Pao chicken, rice, green beans
Sunday, May 4 -- grilled steak with asparagus
Monday, May 5 -- chicken pot pies
Tuesday, May 6 --
Wednesday, May 7 --
Thursday, May 8 -- Road Food on the way to Gainesville, lunch at Gary's Flamin' Grill, Chipley
Friday, May 9 -- Road Food on the way to Cocoa Beach, lunch on the beach at The Breakers, New Smyrna Beach; dinner at Florida's Seafood Grill "Where Shrimp Happens," Cocoa Beach

Saturday, May 10 -- on board Carnival Glory in the Eastern Caribbean until May 17
Sunday, May 18 -- (back home) chicken salad
Monday, May 19 -- Steak with Béarnaise sauce, baked potatoes
Tuesday, May 20 -- Kung Pao chicken, green beans, steamed rice
Wednesday, May 21 -- lunch at Siam Thai Buffet; snacks for spuuer
Thursday, May 22 -- leftover Kung Pao chicken and spicy Thai ground beef
Friday, May 23 -- bacon burgers, potato salad, apple crisp

Saturday, May 24 -- Joan a & Billy's 56th anniversary dinner at Bonefish Grill,
Sunday, May 25 --
Monday, May 26 -- KFC and biscuits
Tuesday, May 27 -- Lunch in Gulfport at Emeril's Gulf Coast Fish House; late supper at the Beau Rivage Hotel, Biloxi
Wednesday, May 28 -- Salisbury Steak with mashed potatoes
Thursday, May 29 -- baby back ribs, baked beans, creamed spinach
Friday, May 30 -- steak & potatoes

Saturday, May 31 -- Chinese take out
Sunday, June 1 -- spaghetti and meatballs
Monday, June 2 -- Chinese take out leftovers
Tuesday, June 3 -- peel 'n' eat Gulf shrimp, Emeril Lagasse's New Orleans-style Remoulade Sauce, coleslaw, French bread
Wednesday, June 4 -- French Dipped Sandwiches
Thursday, June 5 -- lunch at Flounder's Chowder House, Pensacola Beach; supper was shrimp cocktail
Friday, June 6 -- chicken salad

Saturday, June 7 -- Beef & veggie kababs
Sunday, June 8 -- crab cakes, coleslaw, strawberry shortcake
Monday, June 9 -- baby back ribs, black eyed peas, rice
Tuesday, June 10 -- lunch at Piccadilly Cafeteria; leftover strawberry shortcake for supper
Wednesday, June 11 -- burgers with bacon, green bean casserole
Thursday, June 12 -- taco salad
Friday, June 13, Kung Pao chicken, rice, green beans

Saturday, June 14 -- charcoal grilled steaks
Sunday, June 15 -- birthday dinner for Jack & Ken at Kim's, Billy's shrimp creole, birthday cakes
Monday, June 16 -- leftover Kung Pao chicken
Tuesday, June 17 -- chicken fried steak, country gravy, mashed potatoes, collard greens
Wednesday, June 18 -- skirt steak, Chimichurri Sauce, rice, black beans
Thursday, June 19 -- Panko fried chicken, sweet & sour sauce, rice, corn, green beans
Friday, June 20 -- Ken's birthday lunch at Skopelos on the Bay; and for supper, hot dogs at the circus

Saturday, June 21 -- Caesar Salad with chicken
Sunday, June 22 -- BBQ baby back ribs, potato salad, coleslaw, cornbread
Monday, June 23 -- batter fried shrimp, horseradish cocktail sauce
Tuesday, June 24 -- Beef Stroganoff, noodles, green peas
Wednesday, June 25 -- shrimp gumbo, French bread
Thursday, June 26 -- grilled beef, chicken & veggie kababs, birthday cake, ice cream
Friday, June 27 -- BBQ burgers with Nueske's Bacon (of course), fresh corn

Saturday, June 28 -- Lunch at Bennigan's Grill & Tavern; snacks for supper
Sunday, June 29 -- crab cakes, Cajun fried corn, zipper peas
Monday, June 30 -- Kung Pao chicken, rice, green beans

Your menu suggestions are always welcome. Please.


mauda palmer said...

you are hysterical - i'm falling out of my chair!!! i just wanted to look up some restaurant reviews in the dab and nsb areas of fl. you must have a lot of time on your hands - i really don't care if you have leftover chinese food for dinner!! i live in tucson but have been spending summers in dab - whole months now. please don't write about chains - i don't have to leave home to go to them. i have an awesome collection of restaurants (certain items only) from fl to tex to az, and other places too. i suggest you go to roadfood.com and read or subscribe. i have been o 3 of their spring trips (tickets sell out within 2 days of posting). that's why i subscribe - we get first choice. the founders write columns for newspapers and magazines and have a show on pbs radio plus gobs of books - amazon.com is a good place to buy them used but cheap. their food is not stuffy or fancy, just locally owned, delicious, and CHEAP. check them out. GET RID OF THE CHAINS!!!!!

Kenyo said...

Mauda Palmer -- thank you for your comments on my post. I am afraid you missed the point of my series of posts seeking menu ideas for home-cooked meals. As for not eating in chains we rarely do, we usually eat home-cooked meals at home, but if you think you can't get a good meal at some chains, think again.

There are some excellent meals to be had at a few chain restaurants. And I have been to many, even up-scale, locally-owned restaurants that did not provide meals that were either delicious or cheap.

By the way what does "dab" and "nsb" mean? I have lived in Florida for many years and have never seen these abbreviations used before.