Thursday, July 03, 2008

Birthday Plants and a New Pot

My parents in Maine sent me a Lowe's gift card for my birthday. Thank you very much. I used it to buy some hibiscus plants for the backyard. Red, orange and yellow. Here are some photos I took today.
Photos of the hibiscus blossoms.
I replanted them in some large square planters and they are doing very well. Click on the blossoms to see a larger image.

I also used the gift card to buy a large decorative pot for the corn plant I mentioned in a recent post. It had outgrown its original pot and was getting top heavy. Often when it was windy it would topple over. The new pot is much heavier and won't blow over so easily. Also the corn plant has to come in the house for the winter so it's good to have a nice looking pot for it to live in.
New pot for the corn plant.


Anonymous said...

Nice plants - I also like the oars & buoy. Happy 4th! Sunny and summery here in Maine.

Kenyo said...

Thanks for leaving your comment. Our July 4th was sunny and not too hot with thunder showers every few hours. Everything in the backyard is green from the rain.