Thursday, October 09, 2008

Flu Shots for the 2008-2009 Season

Hypodermic needle"Ouch!"

Yesterday we got our flu shots. It's a fall ritual like Halloween and raking leaves. We went to Pensacola's Professional Health Examiners -- a one-stop service where you can get flu shots and paternity tests right in the neighborhood. Our real reason to go there is that we can get our shots and be on our way in about five minutes. Try that at Walgreens or the doctor's office.

There's lots of flu information at the Centers for Disease Control website and specific information from them about the coming 2008-2009 flu season. We will find out during the peak of flu season, in January and February, if "they" picked the right formula to fend off this winter's flu bugs.

Still have flu questions? Click and read Seattle's excellent Flu FAQs.


Claire F Rich said...

We used to just get Alex a flu shot because of his asthma. Then my mom started getting it because of her age. Then Gary because of his asthma and now me because I don't want to bring it home from school. Caitlin is the only one that I don't insist on getting it.

They should just figure out how to put it in the water like fluoride!

Kenyo said...

Hi Claire,
Thanks for your comments.

As for flu shots -- my current MD says it's a good idea to get one. But my previous MD said, "Don't bother" (and then he quit medicine and became a California state representative). Oh well.

You have to believe the shots can work, although the worst case of flu I ever had was in a year when I got a flu shot. And in several years when I didn't get a shot I didn't get the flu either. Last year I read that the formula they devised didn't protect against any of the flu bugs that showed up.

Good luck and good health to us all!