Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New, on the garden wall, from Sicily

Flag of SicilyMy cousin, Lorrie, lives in Sicily. She reads this blog and noticed we like wall plaques and sun faces on our back garden wall. So she sent us something to put on it. It's a ceramic Trinacria, the ancient -- and current -- three-legged symbol of Sicily, also known as a Trisceli.

The Trisceli has the three legs with three ears of wheat and a woman's head with snakes for hair and wings sprouting out of it -- clearly it's Medusa. It's the image on the official Sicilian flag (upper left).

Closeup of the Trisceli
The plaque Lorrie sent has snakes for hair, wings coming out of the head and fruits and vegetables that Sicily is famous for -- olives, lemons, grapes, berries and herbs. It is about ten inches in diameter.

The east wall
Thanks, Lorrie. It's a wonderful plaque. I put it on the wall between the oars and the first sun face we got.

Click here for a slide show of all the backyard wall decor.

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