Friday, May 08, 2009

Farmers' Markets, Summer 2009

Bailey's Farmers Market
Photo from Pensacola News Journal --

Last February Pensacola's huge produce and plant store, Bailey's, closed "temporarily." The hand written sign on the door said they would be back in April. Well it's May and there's a for sale sign in the parking lot. Bailey's will be missed.

Last Wednesday the News Journal had an article about local growers and they included the following list:

-- Andrew's Sod and Fruit: 3900 Tungoil Road, Walnut Hill, 982-9263. Specializing in Centipede sod, they now also grow strawberries and other vegetables.

-- Lundy Blueberry Patch: 8655 State Road 89 North, Milton, 623-0652. U-pick, fresh blueberries in the early summer and pecans in the fall.

-- Steve's Homegrown Sweet Corn: 1201 State Road 99 South, Walnut Hill, 327-4020. Family-owned, fresh vegetable market specializing in sweet corn, peas, butter beans, okra and other locally grown vegetables. Fee fishing in stocked catfish ponds is also available.

-- Touchablue Berry Farm: 7100 Molino Road, Molino, 587-5072. U-pick blueberries.

-- Holland Farms: 2055 Homer Holland Road, Milton, 675-6876. The family-operated farm offers a wide variety of produce throughout the year, including watermelon and a fall peanut harvest.

-- Grimes Blueberries: 6814 Sunshine Hill Road, Molino, 587-5281. U-pick blueberries.

-- Carraway Blueberries: 790 Molino Road, Molino, 587-5439. U-pick blueberries.

-- Beulah Berries: 6658 Suwanee Road, Pensacola, 453-2384. U-pick blueberries.

-- Green Acres Farm: 10810 State Road 97, Walnut Hill, 698-6663. This small family farm raises pasture-based chickens for eggs and meat -- plus turkey, lamb and dairy goats. All animals live out on pasture and are rotationally grazed.

-- Lowry Farm: 2118 Lee Morris Road, Jay, 675-0383.
The family-operated farm offers green peanuts, peas, sweet corn and watermelons. They open the second week in June.

-- Green Cedars Farm: 9280 Gibson Road, Molino, 698-0107. Green Cedars produces naturally grown, nutritionally superior pastured poultry, eggs and lamb and some select fruits and vegetables. Farm tours for customers, school and church groups are available.

-- Salter's Farm Market: 8847 Chumuckla Highway, Chumuckla, 994-4734. Salter's Farm Market is a local tradition in Chumuckla. Known for growing and selling greens, tomatoes squash, cucumbers and melons, the Salter Family has been in business since the 1980s. The Salter slogan is, "If we grow it, you'll like it!"

-- Riverwalk Market: 5191 S. Willing St., Milton, 626-6246. Riverwalk Market brings local residents, artists, chefs and farmers together to offer a unique variety of quality wares. The market is across from Veterans Memorial Park and the Riverwalk boardwalk along the beautiful Blackwater River.

-- Palafox Market: Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza on Palafox Street in downtown Pensacola. Visit The Downtwon Improvement Board runs this farmers market from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays through Sept. 26. The market includes locally grown seasonal fruit and fresh vegetables, homemade goodies, original artwork and free WiFi. Arrive early for the best produce selection.


Anonymous said...

I noticed you included a list of farms and farmers market. I wanted to inform you that there is a Wed. evening farmers market 5-9pm in downtown Pensacola. It is the Port City Market on the southeast corner of Palafox and Main St. They have fresh produce from Double D, Beulah Blueberries, Carl Stewart (certified organic grower), Randal Hastings - free range, hormone free beef. Fresh flowers from Mary Bartlett (Bartlett Meadows), Produce from Bill Resmondo (Pensacola farmer), and even farm fresh eggs!

This market also has music from local bands which include but are not limited to The Modern Eldarados (rockabilly), Red dog & friends (blues), Smart Brothers (Americana), and Vibe Irie (reggae)

You may find more info at

Kenyo said...

Thank you for adding the Wednesday evening market. It sounds very interesting.

Buzz Creek said...

My brother and I used to sell our Chumuckla produce (okra, beans, watermelons, squash, tomatoes etc) to Bailey's farmers market and other markets in the area. That was the 1960's. Sad to see it go. When I move back to FL from NJ - I may have to set up vegetable stand on hwy 90 just to relive those times and have some veggie memories. On second thought, I may just stop by Salter's Market (my cousins) and avoid having ot pick all the crops myself).