Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Pool Is Open

Jungle foliage around the pool

Ducky on patrol.The pool is looking good, the water is clear and the palms and palmettos are green and healthy.

We had a very chilly spring and the pool took forever to get warm enough for a comfortable swim. Usually we are in the pool every day after the first week of May. This year it was early June before we could really enjoy the water temperature.

Now the weather is so hot here in Northwest Florida that it is trying to break 60 year old records. And the pool is almost hot.

Ducky by the pool ladder.Ducky helps steer leaves to the skimmer and in emergencies keeps the chlorine level up.

Ducky just skimming.


Jack Ryan said...

This is ALL Ken's doing. I try to help but he's got it covered.

i try

Ricky said...

That rubber duck looks like it having a good time lol

I will be off on my European Cruises in july hopefully will be soaking the sun like the duck

Michael Newton-Brown said...

Rubber Ducky is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Here in southern Maine we have had about 6 weeks of rain and temps in the 60's (if that). Our pool that we were in during mid May is just collecting COLD rain water. All of our plants are really tall. They are searching for sunlight. So am I.