Thursday, July 16, 2009

Panoramic photo of the backyard

Canon PowerShot A570 ISWe got our new camera, a Canon PowerShot A570 IS, over a year ago. I am now reading the user's guide.

It turns out you can stitch sequential photos together and make a long, panoramic picture. I tried it in the backyard. Here is the link to it. When you get there use your mouse on the slider at the bottom of the picture to move left and right.


Claire F Rich said...

That's really cool! I like the way panoramics flatten the space and make it a linear experience.

Anonymous said...

Your backyard is really nice -glad to see it. We added a small garden pond with a fountain and 4 goldfish. It's got a lot of algae but will supposedly balance itself out.


Kenyo said...

In all honesty the panoramic effect makes the space look huge, really much bigger than it is. It looks like you would need a golf cart to get from one end to the other!