Monday, September 21, 2009

Ken's Maine Trip -- Day 5

Monday, August 31, 2009

Bangor (Maine) Public Library DomeThe weather had cleared up and it was a sunny day. We drove over to Bangor so I could visit the Bangor Public Library.

Bangor (Maine) Public LibraryI wanted to look at a young woman's journal from 1893. It was in the special collections department and the staff there were very helpful. The library building is old and grand. And well maintained.

I spent a couple of hours taking notes and photographing the last 50 pages of the journal. I used available light and the close up setting on the camera and got nice sharp images. Here's an example -- page 127.
Journal, page 127

When I was done I found my folks waiting for me in the parking lot across the street.

A big surprise in Bangor is the huge Las Vegas-style casino, Hollywood Slots Hotel & Raceway at the edge of downtown. I don't remember Bangor ever looking so clean and prosperous. Perhaps it's beacuse of all the tax money the casino is paying the city?

Here's a photo of Mother and Dad getting ready for the drive back to Augusta

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