Thursday, March 04, 2010

London Trip March 2010 -- Day 1, Takeoff

Union flagThe day before our flight to London we took the cats to the pet hotel and drove from Pensacola to New Orleans to spend the night near the airport.

As usual on any visit to New Orleans the question of where to eat came up and it's always a difficult one to answer. So many of the city's restaurants are among the best in the country.

Sign: Crescent City Steak HouseOne of our favorites, Crescent City Steaks, was easy to reach on the way to our airport hotel so we ate there. The level of decor and ambiance were as plain as ever and the steaks were perfect. As were the au gratin potatoes. The Vojkovich family has owned the restaurant since it opened in 1934.

Thursday morning we had plenty of time to get to the airport by 11 AM for a 1 PM flight. It's good for me to be there early. The security screening takes a little longer these days with my new knee.

American Airlines seat controlsFrom New Orleans we went to Miami, an hour and 45 minute flight. Then on to London Heathrow Airport 8 hours and 40 minutes flying time.

The trans Atlantic flight was smooth and our biggest problem was figuring out the controls on American Airlines' power seats in business class. Everything in the photo that's light blue is a power button -- there are 15 of them. So there are a lot of possibilities for different seat positions. And lots of places to lose your personal items.

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