Tuesday, June 01, 2010

New Restaurant -- Five Sisters Blues Cafe

Five Sisters Blues Cafe sign at nightLast Friday we had lunch at Pensacola's newest restaurant, Five Sisters Blues Cafe.

Cecil Johnson sold CJ's Kitchen & Grille and opened Five Sisters Blues Cafe two weeks ago. It's on Belmont just off DeVilliers. The cafe specializes in Southern fare.

We arrived around 12:30 for lunch and the place was packed. It's noisy with the polished floor and glossy ceiling. Very loud. In the evening there is live music. The food was fine and the sides were wonderful with lots of choices. Service was friendly but the kitchen was slow. Probably this will improve over time. They haven't been open very long. My smoked turkey was excellent as was the chicken fried steak.

The food was on the salty side for my taste. Next time I will ask them not to add any. It wasn't as salty as food I have been served at Pensacola's Fish House or Cactus Flower Cafe, but in this health conscious time there's no reason to serve any over-salted food.

There's an extensive menu of some of my favorite things to eat so we will be back to the Five Sisters. And we will still go to CJ's for breakfast, too.

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The Fish House said...

Dear Ken:

Thank you so much for mentioning our restaurant on your fascinating blog! You are definitely a person who has a zest for life! We think it is wonderful that you take the time to share your experiences with others.

While reading your latest post we noticed that you find our food too salty. We are very sorry to learn this. We would like to extend to you an opportunity to try us again. Daily we accommodate a variety of our guests dietary preferences and/or restrictions. We apologize to you if you requested low salt and/or no salt and we didn't follow through on our end. We do our best to try to exceed all of our guest's expectations when they choose to come to visit us.

We value your feedback and thank you again for the mention. If you would like to try us again, please contact Shelley Yates, our resident Grits Girl, and she will take care of making your arrangements.

Good grits to you and yours,

The Fish House
Reply to: shelley@goodgrits.com