Saturday, December 04, 2010

Emerald Princess Cruise, December 2010, Day 6

Saturday, Antigua

Welcome to Antigua

Mild weather, a gently rolling sea, clear skies, lots of stars last night and we saw a shooting star. We have now traveled 1800 nautical miles.

Fishing boat harbor
Along the shore

P & O's Oceana
Emerald Princess is tied up beside P & O's Oceana

Breakfast was at the buffet in the Horizon Grill. And then we were off on the Antigua Scenic Drive Tour. It was the shortest one we could find. We don't like long tours in cramped vans. Despite the title, the tour wasn't really scenic. Mostly it showed us the coastal residential and commercial areas and that was very interesting. The island seems quite prosperous and there's a noticeable middle class. It was nice to see that almost none of the homes had locked gates or windows with security bars.

At the end of the tour it seemed the driver was dropping us off at the far side of the shopping village. But after we got off the van we looked up and saw the two ships parked nearby.

Marketplace on Saturday with Emerald Princess and Oceana

Tropical Gardens on our tour of Antigua

Leaving Antigua after sundown (click image to enlarge)

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