Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Road To Peru, Day 3

Logo: International Circus Hall Of FameToday was the third day of our drive north on I-65 from Pensacola, Florida to Peru, Indiana. Peru is the home of the International Circus Hall of Fame and Jack will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on Saturday evening.

Most of the way to Peru we travel along Interstate 65. And nearly the whole length of it, too.

First thing Tuesday morning we took the cats to the pet hotel where they will be for the next week. Then we headed north.

Tuesday we managed 345 miles and spent the night in Athens, Alabama. Dinner was at Logan's Roadhouse, right next to the motel.

Welcome to Tennessee highway signWednesday we crossed Tennessee and moved on to Elizabethtown, Kentucky gaining 235 miles and losing an hour by entering Eastern Daylight Time.

Back Home Country Store & Restaurant, Elizabethtown, KentuckyThat night we ate at a pleasant local place, Back Home Country Store & Restaurant. Good country food, if a bit salty. As we progressed northward we found the food got saltier along the way. Not everywhere for sure, but at most of the places where we ate.

Today, Thursday, we went 150 miles getting into increasing heat. Temperatures were in the high 90s with discomfort levels of 110 to 115. So once we got to the motel we chose to eat nearby. Lunch at the Fireside Brewhouse and dinner at Little Mexico III. Both were in the mall a little bit up the street from the motel. Good local food.

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