Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIRECTV In Distress

DIRECTV logo flying upside down, a distress signalRecently we decided to fire Cox Cable TV. The price keeps going up and the quality has been iffy. Some channels ocassionally make the system lock up requiring a 5 to 10 minute reboot. Also we never knew when the recorder would or wouldn't work. The only way to find out was to check after the program was supposed to record. So we decided to switch to DirecTV.

The appointment for installation was for Thursday afternoon, last week, and that morning they called to tell us it would be around 3:45 and would take about an hour and 45 minutes. The installer arrived right on time. And spent the next four and a half hours trying to get the system to work. Nothing he did would help. He gradually replaced everything. Everything. And called his boss. Nothing helped.

Finally he told us the supervisor would come over tomorrow and fix it. We couldn't be around in the morning and told him to come after noon. Late in the afternoon somebody called and said he would come over in an hour or so. At that point we had company and didn't want to deal with the installers and the disruption so was made an appointment for Wednesday morning between 8 A.M. and noon. There were only afternoon appointments possible for Monday and Tuesday.

Late Wednesday morning when no one had shown up or called to say when he was coming I called them. The phone person said we were still scheduled for 8 to noon, but she would call the installer. Then we found out the installer had moved our appointment to late afternoon and hadn't even told his own people. Nor had he told us. We couldn't be around in the afternoon.

Earlier I had decided that if our installation wasn't up and running by 3:30 P.M. Wednesday, today, I would cancel. And I did. They came and got everything. Goodbye DirecTV.

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