Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Hint of Spring At Last

Jasmine in bloom.After weeks of unusually cool weather for Northwest Florida, and last week with a hard frost every night, yesterday was finally warm again.

It was time to do some springtime backyard chores. Time to clear the patio of things that got stored there for the winter, scrub the lawn furniture and just sit on the deck and listen to the birds. And watch the cats watching the squirrels.

The jasmine is in bloom (I took the photo this morning). The azaleas should start flowering in a couple of weeks.

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Da Nator said...

I'm jealous! It's just pulling up into the 40s here, and grey. We decided we need to get away for a few days soon, and I really wanted to go someplace warm, like FL, but we couldn't swing it. Looks like we'll be going to Montreal, instead, which is nice, but COLD.

Maybe you can keep posting pictures of your flowers (and cats!) as they bloom, so us Northerners can feel a litle warmer. ;o)