Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Where has Save Our City's website gone?

Save Our City website is missing.It had been a long time since I checked out what the folks at Save Our City were up to.

I had placed a link to their site on this very blog in the section devoted to Pensacola's Blogosphere. But after what I discovered today I had to remove the link. This was after I tried to go to the SOC website and got the ominous message you see above.

Apparently the SOC site is, or was, using a web host (out of Newark, Delaware) that doesn't have a current Server Certificate. Bad news. Scary bad news if you ask me.

Like you perhaps, I have no idea what this means to my or my computer's personal safety but it sounds serious. And not good. And why did they ask me to check my computer's clock? Does the SOC's penchant for wanting to live in the past means they are out to meddle with everybody's computer clocks?

Or is this all just a springtime trick by those pranksters over at the Independent News?

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