Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Duchess' Favorite Sandwich

The Duke and Duchess of WindsorYes, The Duchess of Windsor loved Club Sandwiches or at least a bite of one now and then. She also loved another American classic, Caesar Salad.

Today we had lunch at Madison's Diner in Pensacola. Their version of the Club Sandwich inspired me to do some research when we got home.

Madison's had chicken not turkey and that's correct -- along with lettuce, tomato and crisp bacon, but it was on a soft roll and we had to ask for mayonnaise. And it included a slice of smoked Gouda cheese. And that's just wrong. Granted, they did call it Madison's Club Sandwich.

In other food establishments, and particularly from that most popular place to find a Club Sandwich on the menu -- hotel room service -- you can often find non-traditional ingredients. Turkey is frequently substituted for chicken and ham for bacon (or added along with bacon). Cheese, pickles and a third slice of bread are also popular additions. In a Japanese hotel, room service made the Club Sandwich with duck instead of chicken.

The Hard Rock Cafe has what looks like an authentic Club Sandwich but then they go and serve it using two slices of rye bread, not toasted white bread.

Madison's sandwich was OK but it wasn't a traditional Club Sandwich and it sure could have been improved with a tasty sauce on the roll. Maybe some honey-mustard or a spicy, Tabasco-infused mayonnaise like you get at Flounder's Chowder House on Pensacola Beach.

The popular, but not quite authentic, Triple-deck Club SandwichRead about the history of the Club Sandwich from the What's Cooking America site.

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