Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sail Away!

Grand Princess at sunsetThe travel brochures are starting to fill the mailbox again and many are for cruises. And it's not too soon to be thinking about winter cruising.

So far we have taken three cruises -- all on Princess. You can read our daily comments for each cruise by finding the "Categories" list in the sidebar to the right and then clicking on the ship's name: Caribbean Princess or Coral Princess or Golden Princess.

Grand Princess after darkSo far we are thinking about a Western Caribbean cruise on the Grand Princess, out of Fort Lauderdale, a couple weeks before Christmas. We loved our cruise on the Golden Princess last April and the Grand is virtually identical to the Golden.

More details to come as we make our plans. If you have sailed on the Grand Princess, please leave a comment. Or if you haven't, please leave a comment anyway.


Jae said...

I was in the Maritime Museum the other day looking at a model of one of the Princess' (the Grand I think) and wondering to myself what a cruise would be like.

But it's fab!

Kenyo said...

It took forever for us to go on our first cruise and then we did two more in the next 12 months.

During the Golden Age of Air Travel we flew lots of places. But the hassles of airports and planes are no fun anymore, at least for us.

Hey, you guys have fun in France!