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What's for dinner tonight? Part 9

Commander's Palace Menu
Commander's Palace The Sunday Jazz Brunch Menu
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Ever since Saturday, January 27, 2007, I have kept a log listing nearly all of our evening meals. The intention is to help answer the daily questions:

(1) "What do you want to eat tonight?"
(2) "What haven't we had lately?"

Eventually the list became too long to navigate easily. So I broke it up into six-month segments:
January through June, 2007
July through December, 2007
January through June, 2008
July through December, 2008
January through June, 2009
July through December, 2009
January through June, 2010
July through December, 2010

Saturday,January 1, 2011 -- New Year's dinner at the Bonefish Grill
Sunday, January 2 -- spaghetti with meat sauce
Monday, January 3 -- burgers and Tater Tots
Tuesday, January 4 -- seafood gumbo, steamed rice, crusty bread
Friday, January 7 -- Chicken Parmesan, noodles Alfredo

Saturday,January 8 -- bacon burgers and Tater Tots
Sunday, January 9 -- maple-glazed Canadian bacon, mashed potatoes, succotash
Monday, January 10 -- creamed chipped beef on toast, spinach souffle
Tuesday, January 11 -- fried chicken from Publix, cheese grits, cole slaw
Wednesday, January 12 -- steak and baked potato
Thursday, January 13 -- Kung Pao Chicken, steamed rice, green onions, peanuts, crispy noodles, green beans
Friday, January 14 -- Lunch at Logan's Roadhouse; soup for supper

Saturday, January 15 -- Billy D. hosted a birthday dinner at Wintzell's Oyster House for Joan D.
Sunday, January 16 -- spaghetti with meat sauce
Monday, January 17 -- turkey and stuffing baked in mushroom sauce, green beans, sweet potatoes with walnuts and maple syrup, cranberry sauce
Tuesday, January 18 -- burgers, Tater Tots, guacamole and tortilla chips
Wednesday, January 19 -- Chicken Francese, roasted garlic and baby red potatoes
Thursday, January 20 -- mac and cheese(burger) casserole, buttered carrots
Friday, January 21 -- filet steak au poivre, mashed baby red potatoes

Saturday, January 22 -- International Buffet (from the freezer): Tiger Thai Tempura Shrimp, Phillips Crab Cakes, Tai Pei Chicken Potstickers with two dipping sauces
Sunday, January 23 -- bacon burgers, secret sauce, fries
Monday, January 24 -- lunch at the Fish House; snacks for supper
Tuesday, January 25 -- Stouffers stuffed pepper, mac and cheese, creamed corn
Wednesday, January 26 -- tuna noodle casserole, black beans with raw onions
Thursday, January 27 -- fried chicken, coleslaw, carrots
Friday, January 28 -- turkey and stuffing bake with mushroom gravy, roasted garlic and baby red potatoes, orange-pineapple jello salad, cranberry sauce

Saturday, January 29 -- Kung Pao Chicken, steamed rice, green onions, peanuts, crispy noodles, green beans
Sunday, January 30 -- cheeseburgers with bacon, lettuce, tomato, Tabasco mayonnaise, fries
Monday, January 31 -- spaghetti with meat sauce
Tuesday, February 1, 2010 -- Beef Stroganoff, mashed potatoes, green peas
Wednesday, February 2 -- pork chops, applesauce, fried rice, jello salad
Thursday, February 3 -- fried chicken, Noodles Romanoff, corn
Friday, February 4 -- Supper from the Freezer, lasagna and pepperoni pizza, jello after

Saturday, February 5 -- breakfast for supper: scrambled eggs, bacon, grits, toast and jam
Sunday, February 6 -- burgers, potato salad, coleslaw
Monday, February 7 -- smoked salmon canapes, tempura shrimp, deviled crab, coleslaw
Tuesday, February 8 -- steak au poivre, mashed potatoes
Wednesday, February 9 -- fried chicken, carrots, cornbread stuffing with pecans
Thursday, February 10 -- lunch at our neighborhood's new Chinese buffet restaurant, Chow Tyme; soup for supper
Friday, February 11 -- spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread

Saturday, February 12 -- take out from Sonny's BBQ
Sunday, February 13 -- tacos, guacamole and tortilla chips
Monday, February 14 --
Tuesday, February 15 --
Wednesday, February 16 to Monday 21 -- Road food, Sarasota trip
Thursday, February 17 -- dinner by Sue at Sue and Rudi's

Wednesday, February 23 -- pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn
Thursday, February 24 -- spaghetti with meat sauce
Friday, February 25 -- Kung Pao Chicken, steamed rice, green onions, peanuts, crispy noodles, green beans

Saturday, February 26 -- bacon burgers, fries, secret sauce
Sunday, February 27 -- Ahi tuna with mango pico de gallo, steamed rice
Monday, February 28 -- lunch at CJ's, soup for supper
Tuesday, March 1, 2011 -- James Beard's Quiche Lorraine
Wednesday, March 2 -- filet steaks au poivre, twice-baked potato
Thursday, March 3 -- Chicken Francaise (from Publix), rice and gravy, peas and carrots
Friday, March 4 -- shrimp and chicken gumbo, rice, Cajun bread

Saturday, March 5 -- bacon burgers, lettuce, tomatoes, fries
Sunday, March 6 -- crab cakes on baby greens
Monday, March 7 -- spaghetti, meat sauce, salad
Tuesday, March 8 -- chicken breasts, creamed spinach, rice and gravy
Wednesday, March 9 -- beef stew and buttermilk biscuits
Thursday, March 10 -- NY Strip Steak, Sauce BĂ©arnaise, baked potatoes
Friday, March 11 -- roast turkey, gravy, mashed sweet potatoes, corn bread stuffing, cranberry sauce

Saturday, March 12 -- ground beef and hash browns pie, corn
Sunday, March 13 -- burgers, lettuce, tomato, fries
Monday, March 14 -- creamed chipped beef on toast, strawberry shortcakes
Tuesday, March 15 -- chicken parmesan, noodles Alfredo, green peas
Wednesday, March 16 -- dinner at Elise Coastal Dining, downtown Pensacola
Thursday, March 17 -- fried chicken, cole slaw
Friday, March 18 -- Kung Pao Chicken, steamed rice, green onions, peanuts, crispy noodles, green beans

Saturday, March 19 -- gumbo and rice
Sunday, March 20 -- BBQ grilled steaks, baked potato
Monday, March 21 -- spaghetti with meat sauce
Tuesday, March 22 -- takeout from Nancy's Gourmet To Go
Wednesday, March 23 -- bacon burgers, potato salad
Thursday, March 24 -- chicken salad, mixed greens, fruit
Friday, March 25 -- turkey and stuffing bake, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce

Saturday, March 26 -- pork chops, hash browns, spicy applesauce
Sunday, March 27 -- steak and baked potato
Monday, March 28 -- lunch at La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant; snacks for supper
Tuesday, March 29 -- burgers
Wednesday, March 30 -- chicken breast, green beans with almonds, little red potatoes
Thursday, March 31 -- Chinese pie
Friday, April 1, 2011 -- Thai take out from Siam Asian Diner

Saturday, April 2 -- beef and veggie kabobs, steamed rice, gravy
Sunday, April 3 -- hot turkey sandwiches
Monday, April 4 -- spaghetti with meat sauce
Tuesday, April 5 -- burgers
Wednesday, April 6 -- Billy hosted dinner at Pensacola Yacht Club, shrimp AYCE, peel'n'eat and/or French fried
Thursday, April 7 -- Kung Pao Chicken, steamed rice, green onions, peanuts, crispy noodles, green beans
Friday, April 8 -- fried chicken, coleslaw, buttermilk biscuits

Saturday, April 9 -- Lunch at Chow Tyme Chinese Buffet; French Toast for supper
Sunday, April 10 -- BLT sandwiches, gazpacho
Monday, April 11 -- pork chops, Chipotle applesauce, sweet potato mash
Tuesday, April 12 -- charcoal grilled NY strip steak, red wine reduction sauce, baked potato
Wednesday, April 13 -- burgers on the grill with Kim, the season's first corn on the cob, chips, artichoke & spinach dip
Thursday, April 14 -- chicken salad, melon
Friday, April 15 -- lunch at Ozone Pizza Pub for pizza and salad; soup and cornbread for supper

Saturday, April 16 -- baby back ribs, black beans and rice
Sunday, April 17 -- spaghetti with meat sauce
Monday, April 18 -- fried chicken, mashed potato, coleslaw
Tuesday, April 19 -- bacon burgers
Wednesday, April 20 -- pork chops, applesauce, potato au gratin
Thursday, April 21 -- Po' Boy Sandwiches from Jerry's Cajun Cafe
Friday, April 22 -- Dinner at Elise before seeing A Chorus Line at the Saenger Theatre

Saturday, April 23 -- James Beard's Quiche Lorraine, salad
Sunday, April 24 -- Easter Buffet at the Pensacola Yacht Club, hosted by Billy Daudhdrill
Monday, April 25 -- Chicken Dijon, mashed potatoes
Tuesday, April 26 -- Bacon burgers
Wednesday, April 27 -- Lunch at Logan's Road House; supper soup and sandwich
Thursday, April 28 -- spaghetti with meat sauce, salad
Friday, April 29 -- Club Sandwich, coleslaw

Saturday, April 30 -- Beef Filet Bourguignon, steamed rice
Sunday, May 1, 2011 -- Crawfish boil at Maria and Bill's for Ross' birthday
Monday, May 2 -- Thai take out from Siam Asian Diner
Tuesday, May 3 -- pork chops, rice, gravy, spicy applesauce
Wednesday, May 4 -- turkey and stuffing casserole, sweet potato mash, cranberry sauce
Thursday, May 5 -- bacon burgers, secret sauce, fries
Friday, May 6 -- Chicken Parmesan, Noodles Alfredo

Saturday, May 7 -- spaghetti and meat sauce

Thursday, May 11 -- lunch at The Fish House; snacks for supper

Saturday, May 15 -- take out from Sonny's BBQs
Sunday, May 16 -- steak and baked potato

Gone on the Alaska cruise and then took a couple weeks break from this log.

Saturday, June 11 -- steak and potatoes
Sunday, June 12 -- burgers, stuffed potato skins
Monday, June 13 -- pizza, guacamole, corn chips
Tuesday,June 14 -- spaghetti, meat sauce, crusty bread
Wednesday,June 15 -- birthday lunch at Miller's; corn on the cob and hot dogs for supper
Thursday,June 16 -- chicken salad in croissants, coleslaw
Friday, June 17 -- Thai take out from Siam Asian Diner

Saturday, June 18 -- Chicken Francaise, Noodles Alfredo
Sunday, June 19 -- steak and baked potato
Monday, June 20 -- grilled shrimps-on-a-stick, coleslaw
Tuesday, June 21 -- bacon burgers, salad, coleslaw
Wednesday, June 22 -- Lunch at Chow Tyme Chinese Buffet; snacks for supper
Thursday, June 23 -- fried chicken, coleslaw
Friday, June 24 -- stuffed red bell peppers with skillet corn

Saturday, June 25 -- sandwiches from Jersey Mike's, later, Blue Bell ice cream
Sunday, June 26 -- Birthday lunch for Jack and Ken at Kim's
Monday, June 27 -- lunch at O'Charlie's; ice cream for suppers
Tuesday, June 28 -- beef and veggie kababs, steamed rice, retro mustard-butter sauce
Wednesday, June 29 -- spaghetti, meat sauce, garlic bread
Thursday, June 30 -- Chicken Parmesan, mashed potatoes, green beans

Please leave me a comment and tell me what you are eating tonight.

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