Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Alaska Cruise, Day 4, on the Golden Princess, May 2011

Alaska's State FlagSkagway
Sunrise here today was at 4:07 A.M., sunset at 9:50 P.M., 17 hours and 43 minutes of day light.

We had a quiet morning on the ship and left for the White Pass & Yukon Trail Rail Road train ride at 12:30. We got back around 4:30.

White Pass & Yukon Trail Rail Road
OK -- I didn't really take the above photo, but our train
went along this very section of the track.

Getting good photos from the train was difficult: the train was moving, the track is old and bumpy and the windows are very reflective. I have lots of photos that have wonderful scenery around the edge of the picture and a big, clear reflection of the camera taking up the middle.

The trip, lasting nearly four hours, was wonderful with thrilling scenery. We climbed to nearly 3,000 feet and went along the edges many steep cliffs. In some places the snow beside the tracks was higher than the train cars. After we entered Canada we turned around so everybody got the other view on the way back.

Here is a slideshow of some photos we did take.

Breakfast was in the Horizon Court. Lunch was just snacks because dinner was going to be the Chef's Table event at 6:45. As always at the Chef's Table the wines and food were remarkable and this time the appetizers were all new and my favorite part of the meal.

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Michael Newton-Brown said...

You have some terrific pics. I love Alaska, spent a summer in '83 working in Anchorage. The inside passage is so haunting.It's like smooth sailing on a lake between the islands.The wispy clouds through the muntains are mesmerizing.