Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Alaska Cruise, Day 5, on the Golden Princess, May 2011

Alaska's State FlagGlacier Bay
We have now sailed about 1,200 nautical miles since we left Seattle. Today we cruise around Glacier Bay and stop to see several glaciers up close. A cold, but light rain is falling off and on. Lucky for us there's no wind.

Yesterday we got a note from Captain Vincenzo Lubrano inviting us to visit the navigational bridge tomorrow morning. It's always a treat to visit the bridge but today is extra special since the Captain, the local pilot and the Captain's team will be actively maneuvering around the bay and showing us glaciers.

Cruising Around Glacier Bay
Cruising Around Glacier Bay

Throughout the day park rangers are on board and announcing details about what we should watch for and pointing whales and bears.

There are 12 glaciers in Glacier Bay. At the top of the park, the northwestern end, is the Grand Pacific Glacier (and Canada). The Grand Pacific has been receding for many years and is now heading inland. Along the shore of the bay it has left a huge moraine of dirt and rocks. You cannot see the glacier from our ship.

To the left is Margerie Glacier. It rises 250 feet above the bay and 100 feet below it. The ship pulls up close and then slowly turns around so everybody get a good view.

For more photos click here for a slideshow of photos we took in Glacier Bay.

We then continued around the bay and in Johns Hopkins Inlet we stopped to see another tidewater glacier, Lamplugh Glacier.

Lamplugh Glacier
Lamplugh Glacier

Breakfast was from the International Cafe and eaten in our cabin -- self-service room service. Lunch was regular room service and dinner was in the Donatello Dining Room.

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