Sunday, November 25, 2012

2012 Maui Trip, Getting Ready To Go

Toward the end of last June the future of American Airlines looked bleak indeed. And we still held a lot of their AAdvantage Club frequent flyer miles. We could use them for upgrades or even free first class tickets.

We worried that a reorganized American Airlines, taken over by US Airways, could make the frequent flyer miles difficult to use or they might cancel the program completely.

As much as we both wanted to go to London, getting around London wasn't going to be easy. The last trip nearly did me in. So we decided on a late fall trip to Hawaii.

Photo: Hawaii's State Flag
The design of the Hawaii State Flag was commissioned by King Kamehameha in 1816. It originally represented the Kingdom of Hawaii. Later it came to represent the Republic of Hawaii, then the Territory of Hawaii and now the State of Hawaii.

It's a lot easier to fly to Hawaii if you live in Los Angeles, as we used to. From Pensacola you need to fly to a "hub" airport and connect -- and connect. Lots of flights; lots of changes of planes.

After many phone calls and hours on the Internet we got an itinerary and used up nearly all of our frequent flyer miles. The only bad connection was outbound. We came in to LAX late in the evening and had to be at the airport very early the next morning. But that was to change. Flights got rescheduled and one got cancelled. What had been the late arriving -- mid-afternoon takeoff -- flight was now leaving Pensacola at 6:00 AM.

At one point, because of the early morning flight we planned to spend Sunday evening at an airport hotel by the Pensacola airport. Instead of that we made an appointment with Pensacola Taxi. J.J. will pick us up at 4:30 AM exactly.

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