Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's a cold day in paradise

For us in NW Florida it was chilly this morning, 41 degrees F, and that's about 5 degrees C, I guess.

Every bit of the Christmas shopping is done. Everything is wrapped, sent or hand delivered. All the Christmas cards are mailed. And except for those late cards from the late people I forgot, I could put the cards away until next year. But I'll wait.

Spent much of the morning working on the pool, cleaning the sides and vacuuming the bottom. I seems strange, as a newcomer to pool maintenance, that even though the pool is 50 degrees right now and we haven't been able to swim in it since October 1, it still gets dirty and needs work. But not as much work as it does in the hot weather. Of course when the weather turns warm we can enjoy the pool every day. With luck by the second week in May we can jump in and not have a coronary from the chill.

Back in California we sometimes went up to CalArts to swim on Christmas Day or on New Year's. But that pool was heated year-round, even during school vacations. Why, it was heated so well that you didn't even need a swimsuit.

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