Monday, December 10, 2007

Grand Princess Cruise, December 2007 -- Day 2

Monday, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Cruise ship dock, Ocho Rios, JamaicaAbove is a photo looking west past the end of the cruise ship dock in Ocho Rios. This was taken from our balcony on the starboard side of the Grand Princess. Our cabin was on the Dolphin Deck, Deck 9.

We had no serious plans to leave the ship during the stop in Ocho Rios. Possibly we might have taken a taxi to Dunn's River Falls but the weather was rainy and very hot so we stayed on the ship and had a fine time. In the afternoon the sun came out and the temperature got hotter so we were glad to be where we were.

Below is a picture of the harbor (or harbour, as they spell it) with the town of Ocho Rios in the background.

Ocho Rios

On a Princess Cruise nearly everything you need is included in the price of a cabin -- meals, some of the non-alcoholic beverages, all the shows and the gym. You have to pay extra for beer, cocktails, wine with dinner and soft drinks. There are also two special restaurants -- Sterling's Steakhouse and Sabatini's Italian Restaurant -- that charge an extra "cover charge." For Sabatini's it's $20 per person for their upscale service and food choices.

We had eaten at the steakhouses on other Princess ships, but this was the first time we visited Sabatini's. We had a very good meal there and the service was excellent. (This was not our experience at the steakhouses.)

The meal consists of many small courses of classic Italian dishes followed by your choice of entrée and dessert. A meal at Sabatini's takes quite a while, nearly two hours, and it is great fun watching the wait staff present all that food in the stylish dining room.

From Fort Lauderdale to Ocho Rios, Jamaica
754 nautical miles, 867 statute miles, 1395 kilometers
average speed 20.4 knots

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