Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Grand Princess Cruise, December 2007 -- Day 3

Tuesday, Georgetown, Grand Cayman

Launching the tenders
There is no dock for cruise ships in the harbor at Georgetown so if you want to go ashore you have to be tendered. They use the life boats for this. The schedule had the Grand Princess arriving at 7:00 A.M.

At 6:45 we were startled to have the cabin filled with the loudest metalic screaming noise you have ever heard. I was sure we had run aground or something. I rushed to the balcony and saw at once that one of the life boat supports was right under our cabin. And it was extended so the tender connected to it could be launched.

All of the photos of the life boats were taken from our balcony.

From Fort Lauderdale to Ocho Rios, Jamaica
754 nautical miles, 867 statute miles, 1395 kilometers
average speed 20.4 knots

From Ocho Rios to Grand Cayman
254 nautical miles, 292 statute miles, 470 kilometers
average speed 18.9 knots

1008 nautical miles, 1159 statute miles, 1865 kilometers

Pirates!As always it was nice to have the ship to ourselves while the majority of the passengers were ashore. And of course if you leave the ship there is the danger of the Cayman pirates.

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