Sunday, December 09, 2007

Grand Princess Cruise, December 2007 -- Day 1

Sunday, at sea

The Grand Princess is circling Cuba heading for our first port, Jamaica, tomorrow morning. There is a moderate gale blowing and you can feel the ocean a bit. No problem at all, though.

We had a quiet day relaxing, eating, napping, reading and recovering from our long drive on Thursday and Friday. Tonight was "formal night" but we didn't dress up. So it was dinner in the Horizon Court Buffet for us.

In the evening we went to a show in the Princess Theater -- "Cinematastic." The concept was fine as were the lights, sound, pre-recorded band and the dancers. Sadly three of the four singers were not good singers. And in a show that's about songs from the movies that's not good. After the excellent shows and performances on the Coral Princess last spring this was a disappointment.

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