Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hygiene on the High Seas

PLEASE NOTE: Swine flu is in the news right now, leading me to repeat this post from January 25, 2008. In addition to info about staying healthy on a cruise there are some interesting links to the Centers for Disease Control and epidemics. Back in 2008 we were worried about bird flu now it's swine flu. Go wash your hands.

Purell bottleWhen we go on cruises we do everything possible to avoid travel-related illness, like the Norwalk virus (Norovirus).

We pack Wet Ones moist wipes, Lysol spray, Purell hand sanitizer and a pump bottle of Equate, Walmart's anti-bacterial liquid hand soap, for the cabin's bathroom. In addition, we always use the hand sanitizer stations found at every eating establishment throughout the ship. And we are very careful what we eat, drink or touch when on shore excursions.

So I was pleased to run across the following links about healthy cruising from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources' Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

You can read about their Vessel Sanitation Program and the results of the periodic inspections -- with scores, reports and what corrective actions were demanded.

The CDC also has a list of cruising tips to help you stay healthy on your cruise vacation. And health news and alerts for travelers in general.

If all this information about shipboard health and sanitation isn't enough for you, check out their links to the latest news on bird flu and other pandemics.


HawaiiVacationGifts said...

Aloha Ken,
I was glad to hear how you kept healthy during your cruise--I did wonder about how you did it and thought it was all luck!

Kenyo said...

Probably it IS all luck. I say this because I just read that most of the stomach viruses on board a cruise ship come from poor sanitation on the part of the food handling staff. Yuck!

Hawaii Villa said...

I like carrying the wipes on me and cleaning my hands after I touch anything. I went on a cruise in Florida once and got pretty sick. I have vowed to never let that happen again!

Claire F Rich said...

Gary and his sister Gayle are going on a Mexican Riviera cruise on the 10th. Now it looks like it will be a San Francisco-Vancouver cruise.

They're happy just to be going.