Monday, April 27, 2009

Shopping for a new car

2009 Hyundai Sonata
The new 2009 Hyundai Sonata

In 2006 Jack decided to trade in his ten year old Nissan 200SX and get a new car.

However, just like me, he would rather have a root canal than spend a few hours with a car salesman.

Last Friday we decided it was time to start looking at least. The Nissan 200SX was now 13 years old and the chance of a decent trade-in offer was getting less every year. Also, with the economy where it is right now car sales are down and there are reports that one can get a good deal on a new car. Internet sources say that on a Friday, late in the month, sales goals are looming and a dealer is highly motivated to sell a car.

Needless to say -- a mere five hours after we entered the showroom we drove home in the new car. And a car that was assembled at the Hyundai factory north of Pensacola in Montgomery, Alabama.

The color is Camel Pearl although it looks a lot like tan to me. It has great leg room and has a wonderful sound system with XM satellite radio. It drives beautifully and it's a little bit heavier than the old Nissan or my 2001 Honda Civic. It will be a lot more comfortable on long drives.

By the way, Jack got a good trade-in offer. Even though the Nissan was 13 years old it had very low mileage -- less than 38,000 miles.

The photo above was taken on Saturday at an Alabama rest area on Interstate 10. We tested the new car with a drive to Mobile and had lunch at Felix's Fish Camp.

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