Thursday, December 04, 2008

Emerald Princess, December 2008, Day 4


Welcome to Bonaire boothWe had smooth sailing during our brief cruise to Bonaire overnight. It's just 120 nautical miles from Aruba. The weather has improved. The skies are clear and blue with little fluffy clouds. From our cabin we can see mountains and little villages.

We had a room service breakfast on the balcony and this morning there was no rain to chase us inside. We left the ship mid-morning and wandered around the port area and downtown Kralendijk.

Emerald Princess at the dock in BonaireWe stopped for a coke at a cafe, Bamboo, where I took this photo. It's directly across from where the Emerald Princess was parked. As we walked to the downtown area it was getting very hot so we headed for a park we saw down the street. It turned out to be an excellent crafts market with wonderful, local live music. With shady places to sit.

Caribbean Princess arriving in BonaireWe read earlier that the Caribbean Princess was expected to be in port today but there was no sign of her. But while we sat in the park and looked out toward the sea we saw a dot on the horizon and slowly we could make out a ship and it was the Caribbean Princess. It was fun being on the shore and watching a big ship come in. Usually we are on the ship watching the shore getting closer.

Downtown Kralendijk

Downtown Kralendijk

Bonaire's Craft Market

Emerald Princess from the marketplace

Back on the ship we had a light lunch in the International Cafe -- sandwiches and salads -- in the main lobby, "The Piazza." We needed to have a light lunch because tonight we are going to the Chef's Table and it will be a huge meal.

It was time to do a clothes wash. We brought lots of quarters with us. I found the very well equipped laundry near the rear elevators. The location made it very easy to go up to the top of the ship to sit and read or just watch the port while the clothes were in the washer and dryer.

Just before 7:00 P.M. we went down to the Michalangelo and found our group and the Maitre d' assembled. The Chef's Table experience was wonderful and I made it a separate post for you to read. We got back to the room around 10:00 P.M. after nearly three hours of delicious food and drink. Exhausted and too full to move. Lucky for us and ten other guests the sea was calm as we continued on to Grenada -- 395 nautical miles away.

Distances Sailed
Fort Lauderdale to Aruba
1137 nautical miles = 1308 statute miles = 2103 kilometers

Aruba to Bonaire
120 nautical miles = 138 statute miles = 222 kilometers

Total distance so far
1257 nautical miles = 1446 statute miles = 2325 kilometers

NOTE: 1 nautical mile = 1.15 land miles = 1.85 kilometers

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