Friday, December 05, 2008

Emerald Princess, December 2008, Day 5


Welcome Center, Port of GrenadaThe weather in St. George's was dull and gray, and hot. This was the southern extreme of this cruise, just 12 degrees above the equator. Even Kralendijk in Bonaire was more northerly. We were in the mood for a very quiet day after all the excitement of last night's Chef's Table.

Downtown St. George's, GrenadaGrenada is one of the "Spice Islands" and tourists can buy whole nutmegs and vanilla beans. Sadly I didn't need any and so we sat up in the cool, quiet Skywalker's Lounge and did some reading. And watched Grenada from 16 stories up.

Windstar Cruises Wind SurfThe only other cruise ship in port with us in Grenada was Windstar Cruises' Wind Surf. We were sorry we didn't get to see it with all seven sails filled with wind. It was parked right next to us so we could see it up close. And it looked very nice, indeed.

We had a long sail from Bonaire so we got into port later than usual -- around noon and we left at 7:00 P.M. -- so we were still in port at sunset. And that's when I got this shot of the southern tip of the island.
Grenada Sunset

Distances Sailed
Fort Lauderdale to Aruba
1137 nautical miles = 1308 statute miles = 2103 kilometers

Aruba to Bonaire
120 nautical miles = 138 statute miles = 222 kilometers

Bonaire to Grenada
395 nautical miles = 454 statute miles = 731 kilometers

Total distance so far
1652 nautical miles = 1900 statute miles = 3056 kilometers

NOTE: 1 nautical mile = 1.15 land miles = 1.85 kilometers

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