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Emerald Princess, December 2008, Day 6


Looking south from Roseau, Dominica
The sail from Grenada to Dominica was smooth and only 200 nautical miles. We docked at the port in Roseau and could see Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas at the southern end of the town.
The port in Roseau
The island is very lush and undeveloped with deep green jungle foliage on the mountainsides. We docked in a rather unflattering spot with a welcome center and customs booth. Next to it was a large, somewhat weathered market building with the locals selling handicrafts and a surprising variety of Bob Marley t-shirts.

We had breakfast in the Da Vinci dining room with waiter service and freshly prepared food. Then we went to the top of the ship to read and doze and look at the green hills of Roseau. Followed by a light lunch in the International Cafe.

Ocean Village Two, Dominica
The other ship in port was Ocean Village Two. From its launch in 1990 until 2002 she was the Crown Princess. In late-2009 she heads for Australia and becomes P&O's Pacific Jewel.

Departure was just before sunset and we had stunning views of this tiny island.

Jungle cliffs
Dinner was in Sabatini's Italian Restaurant. There is a small extra charge but well worth it. The waiter hands you a menu and tells you the only thing you can order is the main course. They will serve you everything else that's on the menu. Soon the waiters start bringing small samples of appetizers, antipasto, soup, salad and a variety of pastas. This takes a long time. The challenge is to still have room for the entree when it finally arrives. Oh, and the desserts are fabulous, too.

For our main course we both ordered the rosemary chicken with black truffles. Fantastic. In the past I had tasted truffle flavor in dishes but this was the first time with lots of the real thing. Now I am even more spoiled.

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Distances Sailed
Fort Lauderdale to Aruba
1137 nautical miles = 1308 statute miles = 2103 kilometers

Aruba to Bonaire
120 nautical miles = 138 statute miles = 222 kilometers

Bonaire to Grenada
395 nautical miles = 454 statute miles = 731 kilometers

Grenada to Dominica
199 nautical miles = 229 statute miles = 368 kilometers

Total distance so far
1851 nautical miles = 2129 statute miles = 3424 kilometers

NOTE: 1 nautical mile = 1.15 land miles = 1.85 kilometers

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