Monday, December 07, 2009

Day 8, Island Princess Cruise
December 2009

At sea

Rough seas
The sea is boiling

When the seas are rough and the front of the ship keeps slamming down into the oncoming water these formations appear in the water below our balcony. They are very interesting to watch.

Tonight is formal night again and we decided to have dinner in the always informal Bayou Cafe and Steakhouse. The Princess brochure says, "It's a spicy mixture of French, Spanish and African influences. New Orleans cuisine is one of the oldest culture-driven cooking styles in American history, but new to the cruise industry. Princess introduced the very first New Orleans-style restaurant at sea -- the Bayou Cafe -- aboard Coral Princess in 2003."

The Bayou Cafe's menu works like the one for Sabatini's -- if you want to sample all of the apetitzers they will bring you sample portions of everything. But you have to be careful, keep in mind that soup, salad, main course and dessert is still coming.

Bayou Cafe and Steakhouse menu
Bayou Cafe and Steakhouse menu

We tried the Bayou Cafe on the Coral a couple of years ago. We were not happy with the meal at all. Now it's two years later and Princess is still offering the Bayou Cafe experience so we decided to give it one more try. This time we had a great meal and two fine steaks. And their version of Oysters Bienville was fabulous.

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