Thursday, December 10, 2009

Island Princess Cruise, Disembarkation
December 2009

Return to Port Everglades, disembarkation, and the drive north

We woke at 6:30 AM and headed to our assigned waiting area, the Wheelhouse Bar. They provided juice, coffee, tea and pastries. This is a treat for those who have sailed on Princess more than five times. The Wheelhouse Bar is very comfortable and private.

Our bag color (Orange-3) was called on time at 8:00. We left the ship, collected our bags, got a porter, went through customs, found the Park 'n' Cruise van and were at our car by 8:30. And we were on our way north and home.

Around 4:00 PM we got as far as Madison, Florida, 415 miles (668 km). We spent the night at the Holiday Inn Express there. Dinner was at Ken's BBQ also in Madison and the food was wonderful. Really good smoked BBQ chicken.

This was on the dock when we got back to port on Thursday morning.

Is this what they used to call Euro-trash?

Distance Sailed
Fort Lauderdale to Aruba
1104 nautical miles = 1270 statute miles = 1822 kilometers

Aruba to Cartagena
374 nautical miles = 430 statute miles = 617 kilometers

Cartagena to Panama
279 nautical miles = 321 statute miles = 460 kilometers

Panama to Limon
193 nautical miles = 222 statute miles = 318 kilometers

Limon to Ocho Rios
670 nautical miles = 771 statute miles = 1106 kilometers

Ocho Rios to Fort Lauderdale
752 nautical miles = 865 statute miles = 1241 kilometers

Total distance
3372 nautical miles = 3878 statute miles = 5564 kilometers

NOTE: 1 nautical mile = 1.15 land miles = 1.85 kilometers


Michael N-B said...

Thia sounds like a terrific ship. I've always been curious about Cartagena, & the canal. And we keep talking about visiting Costa Rica.
And, I've not been on a ship with laundry facilities! ( It's the little things).

Kenyo said...

$1.00 in quarters for a box of detergent; $1.00 in quarters for a wash; $1.00 in quarters for 30 minutes of dryer time. If you don't let the dryer time run out you can add 7.5 minutes with each additional quarter.

My advice: take lots of quarters.