Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Day 3, Island Princess Cruise
December 2009

At sea

Day 3 started out sunny and calm but by noon the wind was up and you could feel the sea a bit. At noon we had sailed 826 nautical miles from Port Everglades and had 277 more to go for our arrival tomorrow morning at Aruba.

A surprise at dinner was a platter of crisp fried calamari provided by our Maitre d', Mario.

After diner we went to the Princess Theater to see a production show, 'Piano Man.' It has been a staple on Princess for many years but the production, sets and costumes looked fresh and the performances were excellent with good singers, dancers and a fine band. And well-balanced sound, thank you.

By the time the show was over we were feeling some heavy wind and the boat was rocking. But we had to stroll outside on Promenade Deck 7 to see the huge full moon rising out of the sea. This is our seventh cruise and the first one to have a full moon. Lucky for us the sky was clear despite the raging storm we were in.

There has been a slight change in our itinerary: on Day 9 we will visit Ocho Rios instead of Montego Bay. There was quite a bit of confusion about this from the beginning of the cruise. Some of our paper work mentioned going to Ocho Rios but we got the order form to purchase Montego Bay tours and shore activities. Many folks were grumbling about the change. We didn't care at all as we had no intention of getting off the ship any where in Jamaica.

We were rocked to sleep and the bumps lasted until morning.

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