Monday, April 02, 2007

March 2007 -- Spring is here

Redwood deck by the poolAfter a very dry month of March, it rained Saturday night and part of Sunday so things are greener than when I took these photos last week.

The redwood deck is freshly cleaned (with the new toy, a power washer) and treated with Australian Timber Oil. The color is a little bit darker than it was and the wood grain shows very nicely.

Jungle viewThe pool is inviting but still too cold for a swim. And after all that rain it is full of leaves and pollen from the oak trees.

Sad to say the pink and white azaleas have gone by and if we are lucky they will re-bloom in the fall.

Front yard and azaleas

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BigIslandHawaiianGifts said...

Wow Ken,
You and Jack have a really great looking place! It is also really kept up nicely.

All our time at our place is spent just keeping the jungle back!