Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Coral Princess Cruise, April 2007 -- End of Cruise

Wednesday, Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale

Sunrise, Coral Princess, Port EvergladesThe Coral Princess arrived at the dock on schedule at 7:00 A.M.

You leave the ship according to the color of the luggage tags they give you the night before. We were lucky this time and were in the third group to be called.

After a very early breakfast, at 6:30, we went to one of the lounges to wait and they called our color about 20 minutes earlier than we expected. We were off the ship and looking for the Park'n'Cruise van at 8:00. Before 9:00 we were on Florida's Turnpike heading for Pensacola.

Caribbean Map
From Fort Lauderdale to Panama Canal
1273 nautical miles, 1464 statute miles, 2355 kilometers
average speed 21.0 knots

From Panama Canal to Limon
187 nautical miles, 215 statute miles, 346 kilometers
average speed 18.2 knots

From Limon to Ocho Rios
650 nautical miles, 748 statute miles, 1203 kilometers
average speed 18.1 knots

From Ocho Rios to Grand Cayman
252 nautical miles, 290 statute miles, 466 kilometers
average speed 19.8 knots

From Grand Cayman to Cozumel
326 nautical miles, 375 statute miles, 603 kilometers
average speed 19.2 knots

From Cozumel to Fort Lauderdale
551 nautical miles, 634 statute miles, 1019 kilometers
average speed 16.7 knots

Total distance sailed
3239 nautical miles, 3725 statute miles, 5992 kilometers

(Getting to and from the cruise by car added another 1391 miles for a grand total of 5116 statute miles.)

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