Sunday, April 15, 2007

Coral Princess Cruise, April 2007 -- Day 7

Sunday, Grand Cayman

The Flag of the Cayman IslandsThe Cayman Islands are very beautiful and we were almost tempted to take the tender ashore and explore Georgetown. The water is clear and there are lots of diving excursions. This was the only port on this cruise that the Coral Princess had to use tenders. Grand Cayman apparently has no dock facilities at all as we were the only ship there.

It is Formal Night again tonight. But we found if you eat in the Horizon Court buffet you still get the Beef Wellington sliced to order while dining in casual comfort.

There's a strong wind from the south and you could feel the sea a lot all evening. And through the night.

The tonight's entertainment was another production show in the Princess Theater. "Dance -- Music, Song & Dance from Around the World." As with last week's show, once again this was well done and it was a highly professional production. And the dancers had even more challenges from the rocking of the ship.

Flag detail with turtle and pineappleAt the top of this posting is the flag of the Cayman Islands. I like it especially because it has the Union Jack on it plus a picture of a turtle with a pineapple on its back.

From Fort Lauderdale to Panama Canal
1273 nautical miles, 1464 statute miles, 2355 kilometers
average speed 21.0 knots

From Panama Canal to Limon
187 nautical miles, 215 statute miles, 346 kilometers
average speed 18.2 knots

From Limon to Ocho Rios
650 nautical miles, 748 statute miles, 1203 kilometers
average speed 18.1 knots

From Ocho Rios to Grand Cayman
252 nautical miles, 290 statute miles, 466 kilometers
average speed 19.8 knots

Total distance sailed
2362 nautical miles, 2716 statute miles, 4370 kilometers

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