Thursday, April 12, 2007

Coral Princess Cruise, April 2007 -- Day 4

Thursday, Limon, Costa Rica

It is really getting hot. Of course Panama and Costa Rica are pretty close to the equator so it's to be expected. This morning we arrived in Limon with every intention of going ashore and seeing the sights in the port area. We could see colorful shops, groves of palm trees and a beautiful beach with waves breaking -- perfect for some surfing.

In Puerto LimonWe walked down the pier to the parking lot and decided it was way too hot to cross it to get to the quaint shops a quarter mile away. So we took this fine photo of our ship, alongside Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Seas. And went back to the air conditioned comforts.

On many of the larger Princess ships the main buffet restaurant is called the Horizon Court. Often these are placed in the middle of one of the upper decks -- simply decorated, designed mostly for quick and efficient meal service. On the Coral Princess however the Horizon Court is high up in the very front. Between its port and starboard dining areas the room wraps around the top of the ship directly over the Bridge. The view is fabulous and there is a large space that can be set up for special food service with live chefs preparing meals. One day it was a sushi bar, the next a Trattoria, then a huge all-you-can-eat pastry shop -- like the biggest wedding reception you ever saw.

From Fort Lauderdale to Panama Canal
1273 nautical miles, 1464 statute miles, 2355 kilometers
average speed 21.0 knots

From Panama Canal to Limon
187 nautical miles, 215 statute miles, 346 kilometers
average speed 18.2 knots

Total distance sailed
1460 nautical miles, 1679 statute miles, 2701 kilometers

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